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  Utpost Hållö

Utpost Hållö

Hamngatan 1

456 51  SMÖGEN


Bokn.tel. 0703-53 68 22

Vardagar kl. 8-16





Org.nr: 868401-3249

Bankgiro: 5533-2894

Swish: 1230109983 




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Transportation – Hållöexpressen

During summer weeks 26 - 34, Hållöexpressen departs from

the bus station in Kungshamn every half hour according to a separate

timetable and costs 110 SEK for a return ticket. Children under age 13 pay

50 SEK. Remember that the last ferry leaves at 16:30. For prepaid

transports – show confirmation or invoice to the shipmaster.

Weeks 13 - 25 & 35 - 48 Hållöexpressen departs

from Hasselösund/Smögen at 13:00 (on Fridays also

at 16:00) and back from Hållö at 13:30 (on Fridays also at 16:30).

The voyage out and back MUST be booked by the shipmaster (this also

applies to prepaid transports) via this phone number: +46703-36 05 28.

One return ticket costs 130 SEK. Children under age 13 pay 50 SEK.

Additional fee 500 SEK at other times of travel. That fee will be paid

directly on the ferry. For a discount regarding larger parties than 20 people,

please contact Utpost Hållö. There is parking by Hållöexpressen

and the shipmaster will assign a spot. For prepaid transports 

show confirmation or invoice to the shipmaster.

At the dock on Hållö there are wheelbarrows for the luggage

and the hostel is approximately 500 meters away. Make sure to bring

all your own food during your stay. In the hostel we have a

fully equipped kitchen.

Here are the ferry. Click here.


Hållöexpressen from Kungshamn.